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Veneers are one of the most important achievements in cosmetic dentistry. They give teeth a natural, healthy and aesthetically pleasant appearance: this look is obtained through the application of very thin layers which are cemented to the teeth surface with highly adhesive resin cement. In particular, zirconium-ceramics veneers have an average 0,5-0,7 mm diameter and are simply bonded to the surface layer of the frontal teeth, recalling nail tips glued onto natural nails.

Today, it is no longer necessary to file the teeth upon which veneers will be applied, as it occurs instead when porcelain or composite veneers are used. However, teeth need to be prepared before applying the veneer (ceramics or composite material). Preparation is highly conservative and affects the enamel only. To guarantee the patient’s comfort, local anesthetics can be used.

Dr. Adis uses zirconium-ceramics veneers only due to the innumerable advantages they have. In particular, he makes use of a new type of Swiss-designed zirconia and ceramics veneers (V.I.S. – Very Important Smile – Swiss Lab) guaranteeing extreme durability, closing interstitial gaps and improving tooth shape and colour. They require no anesthesia and only two meetings with the doctor.

In particular, during the first meeting, both the doctor and the patient choose the colour of the veneers and a mould of the arch is made which will be then sent to a dental technicial, toghether with other fundamental patient information for manufacturing zirconium and ceramics veneers.

In order to make the veneers look as natural as possible, the colour of the surrounding teeth is compared to a colour guide. During the second meeting, the veneers are placed. Before bonding them to the teeth, however, dentists usually show patients how veneers adapt to their teeth, also in order to test patients’ satisfaction. Veneers are then cemented onto the teeth using a special glue which keeps them firmly in place.

Veneers do not require the fitting of temporaries, precisely because preparing the teeth for their application entails only the making of a mould which does not alter the look of natural teeth. Once the veneer is positioned, other small procedures to improve occlusion and mastication can be performed. Generally, however, modifications should occur a few days after the application of the veneers, since dentists usually check and polish the veneers a week after their application, and they also test patients’ satisfaction.

Zirconium and ceramics veneers, therefore, produce incomparable cosmetic results, which do not only reinforce the existing teeth but also improve their shape, colour and alignment.

Indeed, they can be used to correct several imperfections:

-Fractured teeth
-Diastemata (gapped teeth)
- Dyschromia
-Abnormal tooth-shape
- Tooth abrasion caused by age
- Tooth wear caused by various abrasive processes (excessive use of acid drinks, self-induced vomit in cases of bulimia, etc.);

Veneers can thus be used in all those cases in which cosmetic whitening or orthodontia are not advisable or insufficient for obtaining successful results.

Veneers are applied without the use of anesthetics and in two meetings only. Furthermore, following Dr. Adis’s advice and suggestions, veneers can last up to twenty years.

To sum up, V.I.S system is
Custom-made and tailored to your own natural smile;
Non invasive, no surgery, teeth are not grinded;
No use of anesthesia;
Application takes from 1 to 2 hours for the complete system.
Low cost;
Stronger than traditional ceramics used in dentistry.

V.I.S. “Very Important Smile”.

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