• Q. How much does the first consultation cost?

    A. DR Bahri Adis: The first consultation, price quotation and panorex are free at Dentesthetic.

  • Q.When is the right time for my children’s first consultation?

    A. DR Bahri Adis: Children should have their first visit at the age of two so as to monitor their oral hygiene and mouth development.

  • Q. Are implants painful?

    A. DR Bahri Adis: No, they are totally painfree since thre are no nerves in the bone and local anesthetic is applied.

  • Q. Can pyorrhea be treated?

    A. DR Bahri Adis: Yes, pyorrhea can be treated and prevented.

  • Q. Is wisdom teeth extraction painful?

    A. DR Bahri Adis: No, it is painfree if the extraction is performed with the correct procedures.

  • Q. How long does teeth whitening last?

    A. DR Bahri Adis: Teeth whitening lasts between one and two years with the due precautions.

  • Q. How often should prophylaxis be performed?

    A. DR Bahri Adis: Ideally, every six months.

  • Q. How can I improve my smile?

    A. DR Bahri Adis: Several techniques are available. For patients with healthy but yellowing teeth, bleaching is the right solution. For those patients who want a movie star smile the best solution is zirconium-ceramics veneers which perfection teeth colour, position and shape.

  • Q. How can I stop grinding my teeth?

    A. DR Bahri Adis: Teeth grinding is technically known as bruxism. There are several causes for this, mainly stress and malocclusions. In the latter case, the correct chewing functioning must be restored. When stress is the main cause for bruxism, dental guards are custom-made to be worn at night. Patients should undergo a monthly check-up.