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Doctor Bahri Adis practices natural dentistry which unlike general dentistry (which is a medical discipline dealing with treating teeth) treats dental illnesses by focusing on the entire physical and psychological system of the individual and not just on his stomatologic system.

Such an approach involves studying the correlations existing between the mouth and other types of diseases, which are apparently unrelated to dental illnesses.

The majority of people may not know that an “energy” connection exists between each of our teeth and a specific organ in our body: thus a bodily imbalance may affect our teeth and viceversa.

Furthermore, a strict correlation exists between oral health and various illnesses of the spinal column

Thus, natural dentistry is the right diagnostic and therapeutical approach to well-being.

More importantly, natural dentistry promotes the use of biological materials, that is, biocompatible nontoxic materials for our body.

Natural destistry in fact recommends replacing traditional dental amalgams, and suggests their replacement with biocompatible materials such as composites, ceramics and other inert substances to avoid problems such as mercury intoxication.

Dorctor Adis notoriously uses biocompatible materials, which allows him to restore the functionality and the cosmetics of decayed or fractured teeth. Composites are usually made of resin and quarz crystals, offering perfect, durable and harm-free results.

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