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The term implant dentistry refers to a set of surgical procedures aimed at functional recovery through dental implants which are used to cure edentulous patients (i.e. patients suffering from partial or complete loss of teeth). Dental implants are devices (made of metal or other materials) which are surgically fitted into the maxillary or mandibulary jawbone, or under the gums, upon which fixed or removable restorations are attached to restore mastication.

Currently, implants are made of titanium, which is usually biocompatible and is not rejected by the body. The most common implants are screw-like replacements for the tooth root which are fitted into the bone and completely covered by the gum for a variable amount of time, depending on their site.

Titanium and zirconium implants have been used especially in cases of horizontal bone loss. These state-of-the-art implants guarantee the same results and have a smaller diameter than other available implants.

Doctor Bahari Adis specializes in implant surgery and uses Straumann implants which are the best quality implants available worldwide.

Doctor Adis assesses and customises selected dental implants in the effort to speed up functional recovery, choosing among immediate, delayed or early loading implants surgically fitted through little invasive and virtually pain-free procedures.

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