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Cosmetic dentistry does not only guaantee oral health but also and, more importantly, an aesthetically pleasant smile.

Dental bleaching, or tooth whitening, is a common procedure in general dentistry, which improves tooth colour and whitens teeth. In addition to cosmetic whitening, other procedures are available to solve other forms of, often severe, dental discoloration (caused by systemic pathologies such as fluorosis, blood disorders, etc) or resulting from treatment with tetralcyclines antibiotics.

Bleaching is mostly carried out through the use of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide in various concentrations, depending on the technique used and on patients’ needs. Dr Bahri Adis uses a cutting-edge technique called BEYOND which requires only a single visit. First, teeth are carefully cleaned, then a protection cream is applied to dam gums, finally a highly whitening gel is applied and activated through a blue-light LED lamp. Whitening is obtained in just half an hour.

Power Bleaching, or in-office tooth whitening, is a professional whitening technique carried out using hydrogen peroxide. Water and active oxygen are produced through an activating light source to accelerate the bleaching agent in the gel, which penetrates into the deepest layers of the enamel whitening and bleaching it with fantastic results.

Different types of energy can be used: laser, plasma or halogens propagating light with a different intensity with respect to the teeth in both arches. Exceptional results can be obtained in a one-hour session so that the teeth will regain their natural colour and will appear whiter and brighter.

Power Bleaching is an efficient, safe and pain-free technique. It must always be performed in office and is especially suitable for those patients requiring cosmetically satisfactory results in the shortest time possible.Results vary from patient to patient, depending on their dental structure.

Teeth whitening can only be carried out on natural teeth, therefore it cannot be performed on crowns, fillings or other restorations.The latter may become more visible after teeth are whitened as the bleached natural teeth may differ in colour from the restorations. These may be replaced to match the colour of the natural teeth or they can be whitened from within to match the colour of the surrounding teeth, as is often the case with a single devitalised tooth which has grown darker with time,.

For these reasons, do not hesitate to consult Dr. Bahri Adis to discover the most adequate procedure for you.

Post-treatment recommendations

Patients should refrain from smoking and from consuming food and drink which may stain teeth such as tea, coffee, red wine, liquorice, orange juice. A correct oral hygiene is necessary for prolonged bleaching results.

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