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When the bone substance is insufficient for anchoring implants, the mandibulary or maxillary jawbones can be regenerated. Bone regeneration techniques are used to stimulate the physiological processes of bone regrowth and remodelling.

In case of bone regeneration, Doctor Adis makes use of ‘artificial’ bones made of biocompatible synthetic materials which are mixed with a minimum quantity of natural bone extracted from the socket where the implant will be placed. This procedure allows the artificial bone to graft to the damaged bone osteoblasts and to fuse to it, after having been irrorated with the bone blood of the patient under treatment.

Does it work? – The success rate of bone regeneration techniques generally depends on patients’ conditions. In particular, although such techniques cannot be usually performed on diabetic patients, or on patients suffering from blood clotting, on smokers, on steroid –treated patients or patients undergoing chemotherapy, on patients on anticoagulant medications, immunosuppressors or anti-epileptic drugs, however, Dr. Bahri Adis has performed successful bone regeneration and dental implants with little invasive and virtually pain-free surgical procedures in one session.

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