Dentesthetic Dental Practice uses the most advanced instruments and technologies available. An innovative computer system connects our three operating rooms and allows real time display of panorex onto the OR screens, saving time and film. Intra-oral cameras relay images directly to the OR screens and make it possible for patients to monitor their mouth before, during and after treatment. Orthophos Plus DS CEPH transversal tomography is used for immediate 3D xrays of the mandibular and maxillary regions and enable accurate diagnoses and dental check-ups, without any further costs and time.

Dental imaging is only available at specialised centres using computerised X-ray CT together with traditional CT scans with long, high radiation exposure and high costs. Dentesthetic Dental Practice has been long using innovative equipment which allows to perform a computerised CT for:

  • Mandibular and Maxillary Implants diagnostics
  • Unerupted wisdom teeth nerve canal visualization
  • Unerupted maxillary and mandibular canines and premolars
  • Maxillary Dental apex- maxillary sinus relationship and basal maxillary sinus pathologies and lesions
  • Buccal and labial extension of cysts and tumors involving the surrounding bone structures
  • Diagnosis of mandibular and maxillary fractures